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Michèle Provost

Michèle Provost

Mashups & Remixes, both strategies borrowed from the music world

Present and showcase “books-objects” by artist Michèle Provost

Michèle Provost Overview

Creation of a web showcase for the “books-objects”

What we did

R&D, Strategy, UX & graphic design, Web development, SEO

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The main challenge was to create a striking web showcase to highlight the Mashups & Remixes project, a collection of “books-objects,” or, in the artist's words, “autonomous mini-galleries” created from the recycling and transformation of her collection of art books. Presenting works of art, and more particularly books, online usually represents a major challenge, because the medium does not lend itself easily to showcasing all their depth and beauty.

In addition, the site had to be different and unique in order to reflect the innovative nature of the works, while providing a complete and accessible experience for the user, since the project would not be presented as part of a traditional exhibition.


The virtual gallery is designed like a library, with each of the “books-objects” accessible to be consulted and admired in a single click or tap. It is formed using unique elements and animations created from scratch to not only highlight each of the works, but also to promote an optimal and visually exciting user experience. The design was created step by step through an exhaustive research & development process in partnership with the artist.

The project was made possible in part through a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.


Create a unique experience for users and a distinctive space for each of the works. Facilitate viewing using 3D techniques, videos and collage pieces that can be moved around to encourage users to discover each of the books-objects individually.


  • Development of the user experience and graphic design
  • Navigation optimization
  • Research & development
  • Innovation
  • Responsive design

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The Comunika team has outdone itself with this project, as they were tasked with creating a digital artwork out of distinctly material objects. It should be noted that, favouring a fresh outlook on my own work, I had given them carte blanche. A very smart move, indeed!”
Michèle Provost

Reactive Design


Design a unique reactive and user-friendly web showcase to present and highlight “books-objects”

Platform & technologies