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Channelling all the agency's talents to build a community

Creating the platform to celebrate the bond between people and companion animals

Pawsie Overview

Putting Comunika's collective expertise to work to bring together people and their pets

What we did

Dreaming, Strategy, Content development, Social media, Branding, Platform development, SEO & SEM, Video production, Photography

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Comunika has a long history of expertise in animal health and—like millions of Canadians—a shared love of companion animals. Our market research underlined the remarkable size of pet populations:

  • There are 7.6 million dogs and 8.8 million cats in Canada1
  • 57% of Canadian households have a companion animal2

With our experience in new technologies and social media, we were also aware that Canada is among the most social media savvy countries:

  • 63% of Canadians use social media3:
    • 75% use Facebook3
    • 34% use Instagram3

We were convinced of a unique opportunity to bring together pet owners on a multi-level digital platform, which was confirmed by many of our clients who were seeking to reach this market but lacked the tools, infrastructure and long-term budget to do so. Our central challenge was to create the right content and a truly appealing platform to attract a committed audience. It would be a vehicle for our clients to address pet owners with transparency by providing, or supporting, unique content that would meet our audience's needs. All this, within the context of an exceptionally crowded online space dedicated to pet ownership and the wellness of companion animals. A related challenge was to mobilize industry and thought leaders to take part and help Pawsie become a leading destination.

  1. Canadian Animal Health Institute: Latest Canadian Pet Population Figures Released, January 23 2017, population-figures-cahi-2017
  2. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Consumer Corner: Canadian Pet Market Outlook 2014, July 4 2014,
  3. WeAreSocial, Digital in 2017: Northern America, 2017

Our approach relied on bringing together: editorial vision to create enticing original content in English and French; the elaboration of an exceptional digital platform featuring fresh, social media components and a striking, user-friendly website; key industry stakeholders, veterinarians and thought leaders; the latest social media and PR expertise; and Comunika's 20+ years of experience in marketing, advertising and communications. Company-wide enthusiasm helped create the perfect storm.


Our fundamental strategy consisted of connecting with Canadian pet owners in two ways: online and in-person. The creation of the right content—a wide range of powerful and relevant articles provided the underlying reason for pet lovers to connect with Pawsie. Our visual branding and custom-designed digital platform provided the structure for people to engage with us online while the team's participation in live events helped us meet Canadian pet owners.


  • Development of branding, UX and UI
  • Development of site with “gamification” functionalities
  • Creation of editorial vision and original daily content in French and English
  • Creation of contests and challenges
  • Participation in live companion animal events
  • Participation in live companion animal events such as Woofstock in Toronto and Fierté Montréal Pride
  • Creation of social media strategies and support
  • Implementation of PR strategies
  • Advertising and promotional tactics
  • Creation and implementation of newsletter and communication strategies
  • Implementation of reporting and analytics


Consistently increasing website traffic, with currently:

  • 42,000 monthly visitors

  • 55,000 monthly page views

Great social media exposure, with:

  • 2,692 followers on Facebook and monthly organic and paid reaches of 30,000 and 500,000, respectively
  • 1,603 followers on Instagram and a monthly organic reach of 3,200

Solid newsletter uptake, with:

  • 1,021 subscribers in French
  • 1,125 subscribers in English
Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in animal health, branding, conception, web development and marketing, the development of Pawsie felt like a natural fit for the entire Comunika team. The platform has taken two years to create and has involved every single one of our employees. It's even helped us attract and hire new talent.”
François Provost, President, Comunika

Brand identity

Say what?

As we set out to create our exciting pet owner lifestyle community, we challenged the Comunika team to come up with the right name. After rounds of secret ballots, discussions and voting, “Pawsie” was the runaway winner.

Love the logo

During the long stages of development, the simplicity and ingenuity of the Pawsie logo helped make the project feel concrete and exciting. It's a smart combination of dog and cat, just like Pawsie.


Pawsie's original bilingual content is what keeps bringing people back. We seek to create and share information that's relevant to our community and we've written over 300 articles on subjects including the human-animal bond, health, nutrition, behaviour, lifestyle, and society.

Responsive design


Immediately appealing and accessible. These were the guiding lines for the development of pawsie.ca using a responsive design to make the site shine on all devices. UX focused on making a maximum amount of content accessible from the home page. Marketing tactics to promote the site include: SEO strategies, web ads and sponsored content on Facebook Business Network as well as collaborations with external partners, contests and participation in supporting live events.

Platform & technologies

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Social media

Pawsie's social media profiles are the engines which drive traffic to the website, with native posts and links published daily. Our social media expertise is highly collaborative, relying on the expertise of varied members of the team and organized into detailed editorial calendars. Calibration of our efforts are ongoing, with analysis of social media data impacting our tactics and the content we create. The strategy includes visibility tactics, contests and collaborations.


As we look to the future we continue to embellish Pawsie with a range of agency-wide initiatives including pawsie.tv, increased gamification, targeted marketing and advertising campaigns and the continual re-evaluation of our content needs and the best formats to deliver our information.