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Pop Design - Kitchen & Bathroom

Pop Design - Kitchen & Bathroom

Helping a company specialized in the transformation and design of kitchens and bathrooms

Cutting-edge marketing tactics to develop new markets

Pop Design - Kitchen & Bathroom Overview

Web engagement and visibility strategies”

What we did

Integrated communication plan, Showcase website, Media placement campaign

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Integrated communication plan and social media audit

Our mandate:

  • Increase the visibility of RĂ©alisations Pop Design in Montreal's south, southwest and west-end markets;
  • Raise the company's profile in the mid to high-end renovation segment;
  • Revamp the visual identity to reflect the excellence of the service;
  • Present Pop Design's offerings to customers and prepare for the launch of the new online sales service for plumbing products;
  • Search for new clients and attract new types of customers;
  • Appeal to interior designers so they think about Pop Design.

The strategies we chose:

Enhancing visibility to position the company as a natural leader by :

  • Establishing Pop Design as a local specialist in the eyes of its customers, partners, and other key players in the renovation field;
  • Increasing and diversifying Pop Design's web and social media presence through daily messaging of its values, offerings, and distinctive advantages;
  • Gradually moving from assisted awareness in the first year to spontaneous awareness in the industry thereafter.

Acquiring new customers:

Acquiring a new clientele with mid to high-end kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects, as well as attracting a clientele looking for niche products, by, among other things:

  • Increasing visibility through advertising campaigns or regular posts on social media;
  • Ensuring optimal search engine visibility (SEO and SEM);
  • Fostering partnerships with various local key players in the construction and renovation industry;
  • Converting digital leads into quote requests.

Creation of a showcase website to offer contractor services for kitchen and bathroom renovations


  • Strategy
  • UX & Graphic design
  • Web development
  • SEO
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The main objective of the media placement campaign was to acquire new clients for turnkey kitchen and bathroom renovations and custom cabinetry projects.

Right from the get-go, the home page quickly directs the user to what they are looking for, while also showing them inspiring images of projects similar to theirs, and directing them to the contact form to tell us about their own project.


Showcase inspiring projects done by Pop Design. Promote the various support solutions offered for the execution of any project.

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Targeted media placement campaign


  • Media
  • Google Ads campaign
  • Search ads
  • Display ads


The main objective of the media placement campaign was to acquire new clients for turnkey kitchen and bathroom renovations and custom cabinetry projects

We recommended and used the Google Ads Search and Display network to maximize the client's budget. To optimize results, we targeted a specific audience, identified according to the demographic profile of the integrated marketing communication plan personas, residing in Pop Design's area of operation.


High return on investment:

  • Average cost per click (CPC) of $0.17

Increased website traffic:

  • 3,500 visitors/potential clients per month

Demand was so high that the client quickly maximized its project schedule for 2020.