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RCM Architectural

RCM Architectural

Creating an eye-catching web design for unique furniture manufacturers

Develop a striking web environment to display prestigious integrated furniture projects and custom architectural elements

RCM Architectural Overview

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Creation of a modern showcase website. The objective was to highlight RCM Architectural's portfolio and to emphasize the employer brand

What we did

UX & Graphic design, Web development, SEO

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RCM Architectural is a rapidly growing custom furniture manufacturer. In early 2021, the company was able to enjoy a grant offered by CAE Beauce-Chaudière to integrate a content management system (CMS) to their portfolio. However, since the grant required a rather short deadline, we had to develop the website in fast-track mode, in less than 4 months.


Comunika developed the first version of the RCM Architectural website in 2009. For the 2021 redesign, we wanted to push the envelope and greatly enhance the clients' user experience. As a result, we drew inspiration from existing content, but completely rethought the UX strategy and graphic design to incorporate a CMS and a section that better showcases the employer brand. With this, we aimed to attract more potential customers to the website, as well as to offer a pleasant experience that increases the company's conversion rate.


Given the short time frame we had to work with, the project had to be done in fast-track mode. The different stages of execution, namely design, strategic writing, and web development, overlapped. Our team maintained a high level of organization and efficient teamwork in order to deliver the project on time.


  • Design a website with interactions in line with current trends
  • Integrate all completed projects into the new digital portfolio
  • Develop a fluid, user-friendly website
  • Create a visual identity in line with the employer brand

Reactive Design

RCM Architectural

Design a responsive showcase website with a unique homepage to enhance RCM Architectural's portfolio.