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Innovating to meet evolving needs

Growing loyalty with valuable opportunities, education, community and rewards

Zoepro Overview

Energize long-term customers with an agile, compelling multi-purpose web platform to meet constantly evolving needs

What we did

Strategy, Branding, Platform, Database, Loyalty, Content, Campaigns, Evolution

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In the context of a flagging customer loyalty program, our core challenge was to revitalize the engagement and enthusiasm of a long-standing, specialized customer base. Our goal was to modernize the approach to client retention by transforming a purely transactional reward initiative into an enticing central hub providing members with targeted industry news, training and educational opportunities, as well as intuitive, meaningful rewards for their purchases. It would simultaneously provide our client with a valuable, expanding database and a simple vehicle to rapidly generate effective, targetable web marketing and communications.


We built a compelling web platform to engage and bring together Canadian producers, veterinarians and industry stakeholders with the tools, resources, opportunities and contacts they need to thrive. To maintain a dynamic, evolving platform, we put in place the mechanism and resources to create a constantly expanding supply of sought-after content. We enlarged the user database by confirming all existing members and leads while attracting new customers using word of mouth, social media, PR and promotional activities.


We sought to generate industry-wide buzz and the feeling that ZoePro is the place to be. A central underlying strategy was to ensure that the user experience is simple, inviting and habit-forming—that it surpasses educational and marketing goals while being fun, appealing and intuitive for all members to use.


  • Development of branding, brand book, UX and UI
  • Development of site with “gamification” functionalities
  • Creation and publication of content (daily)
  • Promotion of educational opportunities (webinars, continuing education, tutorials, etc.)
  • Implementation of personalized content according to audience type
  • Optimization of databases
  • Implementation of reporting and analytics
  • Implementation of communication strategies to members
  • Creation of newsletter
  • Implementation of online purchasing
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Growth in traffic

Buzz factor - ZoePro is making waves, setting trends industry-wide

Expansion to include additional company departments and sectors of activity

1,000 new veterinary clinics enrolled

Significant membership growth

Nominated as one of the most promising initiatives by the Senior Vice President Canada and Latin America (except Brazil) at Zoetis Inc.

Brand identity

Why ZoePro?

By combining our client's name (Zoetis) with the concepts of professionalism and programs (“Pro”), we created a name rooted in fresh inspiration and strength. We intentionally distanced ourselves from the word “loyalty”, which we considered, in this context, over-used and too closely associated with cold, transactional financial reward.

2007 - 2009




Branding and UX design

A fun and inviting user experience was one of the project's central pillars and a challenge due to the varying levels of tech savviness of the target audience. User friendliness, ease of navigation and personalization were key components to create a visually enticing platform which reflects the project's communication goals. We carefully crafted branding, brand book, UX and UI design.

Platform & technologies

An agile tool during lockdown

The launch of ZoePro corresponded with the beginning of the COVID-19 confinement period. As Canadians took shelter, rapid communication became acutely important. The agility of the new platform provided Zoetis with a powerful tool to rapidly generate content and deliver communications countrywide. By ungating the platform during the lockdown, Zoetis was able to quickly reach a wide sector of industry players with assistance, customer service, news, information, education and promotions.